therapy4me clinic

Whether you might be in emotional distress due to your current circumstances or are a long-term sufferer, you will find in my clinic a confidential and qualified help and a listening ear. Fear, worry, and stress are normal responses to perceived or real threats, and at times when we are faced with uncertainty or the unknown.*

I specialise in dealing with and making sense of severe losses and complicated grief, as well as working through the trauma associated with these losses. As an addiction counsellor, I also work in the field addictions and chronic addictive behaviours. I've also trained with Bodywhys (Ireland) in the area of eating disorders. My other interest is in conflict and peace studies which I apply to my therapy work, in particular family and relationship contexts.

I work with individuals as well as families. Having moved countries several times in my life, I keenly learn about migration and cross-culture issues within families and communities. Migration can also represent a significant loss as well as a gain in one's life. Feelings of anxiety, depression or melancholia, insomnia, binge eating, panic or fear, low self-esteem and self-image, may follow either directly after the loss, or might happen independently of any particular event, without us knowing what might have triggered these reactions, feelings or emotions.

I am Andrei Berezkine, psychotherapist, counsellor, and clinical supervisor. I work strictly confidentially online (over a secure encrypted connection), over the telephone, as well as face-to-face in Dublin and the Midlands (Ireland). I work with a variety of age groups: children and adolescents, as well as couples and families.

In the consultation session, I will listen to you and get familiar with your needs. Where absolutely necessary, I will offer a qualified referral as part of a private multi-disciplinary team. The therapeutic process always begins and happens with you at the centre. Your goals and needs, your values and wishes will always take the lead in planning together, always collaboratively, while you are listened to non-judgmentally.

For further info please call/whatsapp Andrei in Ireland on 086-8799331, worldwide +353 86 8799331, or email . (Also, find me on fb and tw.)

Languages: (fluent) English, Russian, Spanish; and (some) French.

Professional affiliations: Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) and Addiction Counsellors of Ireland (ACI). My work is governed primarily by Code of Ethics and Practice of IACP, and additionally by Code of Practice and Ethics of ACI. Psychoanalytic work is also informed by Code of Ethics and Practice of APPI.